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New circuits are coming

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 Beginning Tuesday, January 19th, these colors will mean something different to you


In conjunction with our bouldering golf tournament dates, we are going to be switching up the circuits a bit to offer tighter grade ranges and allow for more problems on the wall.  Here are the new circuits:

White:  VB (easy, entry level climbing)

Blue:     V0 — V1

Tan:      V1 — V2

Green:  V2 — V3

Purple:  V3 — V4

Red:      V4 — V5

Pink:      V5 — V6

Yellow:   V7 — V8

Black:     V9 and up

As you can tell, these new circuits will still have a bit of overlap (except yellow and black), and since each color will now be worth two V grades instead of three, it will make moving up into harder circuits easier, and will allow for more problems in the easy to moderate ranges.

We will be phasing in the new circuits over the next month, starting with the Cave on Jan 19th, followed by the Visor on February 2, and finishing up with the Wave and Slabs on February 16: each night of our bouldering golf tournament will feature a large section of wall set with the new circuits in effect!

We know change can be hard, but we think you’ll enjoy these new circuits.  The setting at the Refuge will be amazing as always–this will just allow for more of it.