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Bouldering Golf

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Come play a round or two of bouldering golf with us!  It’s probably not what you think it is based on the  picture (although that could be pretty awesome too); it’s a super fun, laid back, team climbing competition.

Teams of up to four people will attempt boulder problems labeled par 1, par 2, etc., and climbers of different abilities will be handicapped with different stroke numbers.  For example, a climber who can flash green boulder problems in here might be a 2 stroke climber–if they climb a problem labeled par 2, they stay at par; if they climb a problem labeled par 1, they bogey; if they climb a problem labeled par 3, they birdie…you get the picture.

Teams with a broad array of ability levels will have the best shot at winning, and the winning team will be memorialized on a super awesome trophy that will hang in the gym, so start putting together your dream team today and get psyched to tee up!


*Free with membership or day/punch pass

Dates:  Tuesdays, January 19, February 2, and February 16

Tee Times:  Come play anytime between 5pm–10pm

*Teams of 1 to 4 climbers (4 climber teams have a big advantage).  If you don’t have a team together, show up anyway and we’ll try to pair you with other lone boulder golfers.

*The team that places highest overall (each night will count towards a total score) takes the trophy